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As a do-it-yourselfer you need landscape supply that will get the job done. And you need landscape supply that’s affordable. Landscaping companies need landscape supply that’s reliable, affordable and can be delivered anywhere. At River Road Landscaping and Supplies, we offer excellent landscape supply and services.

front yard landscaping
For homes bark will increase your curb appeal. Bark covers up old and unattractive soil or concrete. Bark goes well with gardens, front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping. We offer bark for residential and commercial use. Bark gives your office building or complex a professional look. Bark retains water and transfers it to your plants.

Railroad Ties ♦ Grade 1 Railroad Ties ♦ Grade 2 Railroad Ties ♦ Switch Ties

Railroad ties can be used to border your property, hold up retaining walls and more. We offer railroad ties in different grades and length. We have quality railroad ties. Most are perfect on all four sides. Our railroad ties are popular with farmers, home and business owners. For the best quality and selection of railroad ties, visit River Road Landscaping and Supplies.

Grade 1 Railroad Ties

Our grade 1 railroad ties are available in 8 foot lengths. They’re near perfect on all four sides. Grade 1 railroad ties are used for retaining walls, steps from lower to higher levels and between stepping stones. Grade 1 railroad ties are also used for fence posts for farms. You can widen driveway pads for your boats and RV’s. And they keep gravel out of your lawn.

Grade 2 Railroad Ties

Grade 2 railroad ties are similar to grade 1. Grade 2 railroad ties are not the same quality. But they’re good on 2-3 sides. Grade 2 railroad ties are used for retaining walls, borders, fences and bulkheads.

Grade 3 Railroad Ties

Grade 3 railroad ties are 8 feet long. They’re good on one side. They have the same uses as grades 1 and 2. Grade 3 railroad ties are used in rustic areas and borders for home parks. Grade 3 railroad ties can be used for sand boxes or bordering commercial properties. Grade 3 railroad ties are known for their good cosmetic look.

Grade 1 Switch Ties

Our grade 1 switch ties have numerous uses. We carry grade 1 switch ties from 9-15 feet in length. They’re good on all four sides. Grade 1 switch ties are used for deep burying of fence posts and corner posts. They can be buried 4-5 feet into the ground and 5-6 out of the ground. You can use them for lean-to’s off your garage, carports, sheds, mailbox posts and borders.

Grade 2 Switch Ties

We have a huge selection of grade 2 switch ties. Our grade 2 switch ties have the same uses as our grade 1 switch ties. They’re available for $1 a foot.

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